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8 Crops You Can Grow in a Pot

Planting Crops inside pots

Not everyone has a whopper of their own vegetable garden or can rent one. And maybe you don’t want to, because you don’t have time for that at all. Nevertheless, you can also do excellent vegetable gardening: in pots and containers. I give you a handy overview of suitable vegetables.

Would you like to grow some vegetables at home in an accessible way next season? In your garden or on your balcony? Then a vegetable garden in pots and containers is the solution for you. There are quite a few vegetables that do well in it. The big advantage is you can easily store them again when the vegetable garden season is over and move them when it rains, storms or is too sunny, for example.

Especially for you I have made an overview of 10 vegetables that do well in pots and containers:

Planting Crops inside pots
Planting Crops inside pots
  1. Onions

There is nothing better than onions from your own garden or balcony. They are often much sweeter and less “watery” than in the store. I always grow my onions in pots or containers, never in the open ground in my vegetable garden. There they often hang on the ground and rot. Or they are eaten by snails and other vermin.

It is best to just buy a few unsprayed small cuttings at the garden center or from a nursery. They usually give onions at the same time of the year. The nice thing about them is that they make offshoots. You can make new cuttings yourself.

  1. Lettuce and Radish

Besides lettuce in my vegetable garden, I always have some extra lettuce in a pot at home. This way I don’t have to cycle to the vegetable garden when I need a little hand as a garnish. My favorite lettuce varieties for pots: arugula, plucked lettuce, Asian mesclun and lamb’s lettuce. They don’t take up much space and the first three will grow back if you cut them a few inches above the ground. This way you can enjoy it for weeks or sometimes even months. Radish and various lettuce varieties in my container on legs. Works fine!

  1. Herbs

Chives, parsley, rosemary, mint, oregano, thyme. I always have these herbs at my disposal in a container in my city garden. A few steps from the kitchen and I immediately have my fresh herbs at hand. Mint is rampant, so a pot is ideal. That way you keep him in check a bit. Most herbs also have cute flowers when they start blooming. Nice to put a few herbs together.

  1. Potato

Put a sprouted potato in a pot and see what happens. There is a good chance that half a year later you will have a whole pot of potatoes. I always buy special cultivation potatoes from a grower, but those from a supermarket are also possible. Do you really want to do it professionally? There are special potato buckets for sale where you can see the potatoes growing and can easily take them out.

  1. Spinach

This is personally one of my favorite forgotten vegetables. Nice because you can grow it when the vegetable garden season comes to an end: in August and September. This vegetable can withstand any season. You can plant them close together and harvest several times if you cut the plant above the ground. Curious what you can make with this healthy vegetable? How about a nice vegetable soup?

  1. Tomato

I have been growing tomatoes in pots in my city garden for years and that is going perfectly fine. Because I’m lazy, I always look for tomatoes that you don’t have to thief (take off the side shoots) and tops (break off the top). Important: they need a lot of sun to become nice and red and juicy. Preferably at least 6 hours a day. They like heat, so they like a sheltered spot against a wall.

  1. Pepper

I also never grow these vegetables in the open ground. In fact. I often put them in. In my bedroom I have longer sun than in the garden. Just like tomatoes, these vegetables also love heat and sun. You can start harvesting in a month or so!

  1. Chard

This really is one of those vegetables that just can’t fail. The plant can grow quite large, but if you sow close together in a pot or container, they will remain small leaves that can be used in a salad or in the wok. The plant looks a bit like spinach, but the taste is a bit more earthy. I love it!

You have green chard and rainbow chard. I really like rainbow chard myself. The taste is the same.

  1. Carrots

Ideal for a pot or container are vegetables that take up little space because they grow in height. Carrot is one of them. Green peas are also possible, but you need a lot of plants there to eat peas a few times. But since carrots grow deep you need to get at least 6 to 7 inch contained to have a good yield. And make sure they are not sowed too close to the container too.

Do you want more information about these vegetables? When and how deep do you plant them? How much fertilizer do they need? Do your own research about this and enjoy your bountiful harvest.

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