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 7 Things That Are Keeping You Rich

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There are certain attitudes that distinguish the rich from the poor in building their financial situation.

Depending on how you behave, it is easy to predict whether you are on the path to wealth or rather in the opposite direction.

Here are 7 of the biggest mistakes the poor make that the rich don’t.

  1. The poor watch TV, the rich read books.

If you are a heavy TV consumer, you spend about 6 hours a day in front of your screen. Be a quarter of your life.

Regardless of the programs you watch, the time you spend watching TV is the time you don’t spend reading.

This consumption is not insignificant, experience showing that at the end of your life, your income will have been the average of those of the 5 “people” with whom you have spent the most time.

Between movies, the newspaper, historical or animal documentaries, games, sports programs, season 1 of a series, then 2, 3… 10.
99% of your TV consumption brings you nothing useful in building your wealth.

At the same time, the wealthy are constantly inquiring. They spend an average of 33% of their time listening to mentors who speak to them through millions of books.

  1. The poor are paid by time, the rich are paid by results

The vast majority of employees, executives or not, receive a salary at the end of the month in return for the time generously devoted to their employer.

This is why it is generally said that an employee cannot become rich. In reality, it is not a question of all employees. But only of those who are paid on time.

Because the problem with being paid by time is that a day only lasts 24 hours and you can only devote a limited amount of time to your work. Your income is therefore by definition limited.

At best, when you negotiate your salary, you will try to get your hourly compensation as high as possible. When your employer will make sure to give you a salary low enough to force you to come in every month.

The rich, on the other hand, are paid on the basis of value added. And the advantage of added value is that it is unlimited. And if not really quantifiable, it is measured in the eye of the one who wants your services.

It is in the name of the added value that they bring that employees such as footballers and journalists are paid several tens of thousands of euros per month.

It is in the name of the added value they create that entrepreneurs and artists can earn thousands of euros per second.

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The poor are paid by time, the rich are paid by results
  1. The poor always have an excuse not to do, the rich are only defined by what they do

You can tell someone who is walking down the fast lane of poverty by their propensity to procrastinate . But also to his habit of never feeling responsible for the situation in which he finds himself.

For the poor, it is often the fault of the government, the boss, the weather, family, neighbours, national education… if they are in their situation.

But by clearing themselves in this way, they refuse to take control of their lives.

The rich take responsibility for their failures. When an entrepreneur goes bankrupt, he understands the mistakes that led to this failure and embarks on a new project to do better.

By accepting responsibility for our situation, we take power. The power to direct our destiny as we wish, without being distracted by external elements such as the government, the boss, the weather, etc.

  1. The poor only think about saving, the rich focus on investing

Put an aspiring rich and a potential poor up against a need they can’t afford.

At best the poor will wonder “How long am I going to save to be able to afford this?” . At worst he will say to himself “it’s beyond my means, I’m going my way” .

The rich meanwhile will ask only one question: “How to increase my income to pay me that?”

Indeed, if every day you try to save a few euros here and there to pay for what you want. Know that you do not have a savings problem, but rather an income problem.

You must strive to generate more income whether you are poor or already rich. Because at the end of the year, one euro saved is still the same euro. Where one euro invested can allow you to collect an additional €100.

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The poor only think about saving, the rich focus on investing

  1. The poor already know everything, the rich keep learning

Have you ever spotted that person in your entourage who has an opinion (arrested) on everything?

These people in general, the less they know the more they express themselves. Politics, economics, the stock market, sports, etc. Exposing their opinion is often the only way for them to make themselves interesting to hide the failure behind their own initiatives.

The rich are humble in the face of life’s challenges. They read, learn, listen, question themselves, to be sure that their trajectory is the right one.

They are not intimidated by the opinions of improvised experts or even proven experts. The only way to know the reality of things for them is to challenge them.

  1. The poor fear what they might lose, the rich think about what they might gain

One of the main reasons why the poor never invest? They tell themselves that they already have so little or that they have suffered so much to have the little that they have that it would not be a good idea to risk their savings now.

But since investing is the main way to get rich , that’s why the poor stay poor.

The wealthy, on the other hand, assess the risk behind an opportunity, project themselves on what they could gain, and organize themselves to provide the effort necessary to transform this opportunity.

This is why the poor think where the rich act.

  1. The poor believe in the lottery, the rich believe in themselves

Playing the lotto is an interesting social behavior to analyze.

It is as if all the poor in a country were contributing their savings to make someone else rich. Any poor person who plays the lottery carries out, without knowing it of his own free will, the ultimate gesture of altruism.

This is typical of the mentality of the poor. And the Loto organizers have understood this well.

The poor would rather pay a ticket to dream than invest the effort needed to achieve their dreams . They are ready to spend again and again, putting their hope of fortune in this euro million ticket even though the chances of them winning are almost nil, on the order of a miracle.

Ultimately, the rich or those who want to become rich do not believe in the lottery. They do not let an external element decide their balance. It is only by their action that they intend to accomplish themselves. Which is still the best way to control your destiny.

To live with a job paid by time is to grant oneself the right to be at the mercy of a consumer society. We have the impression that we are autonomous, but we always need a loan, an overdraft, financing. And then in this rapidly changing world, a situation that seems stable can change at any time.

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