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47 Things That Are Needed For NYSC

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After writing your final paper in the University ,the next thing on every graduate mind is the National Youth Service Programme(NYSC). For the purpose of this article we would be looking at (47) things an intending youth corper would need to make his/her NYSC period worthwhile experience. Kindly follow,  as we go through them:

National Youths Service Corps -NYSC
National Youth Service Corps -NYSC Courtesy:NYSC state gallery- Gallant female corp member leads parade.

1.Call-up letter– This particular document is very important. Because once you get to the camp gate ,you would be asked to show your call-up letter. It serves as a dual purpose, firstly as an official document and secondly as a means of identification.

2.Statement of Result– Most universities during the period after graduation ,don’t actually give out the original certificate. It is always advisable to make copies of this document.

3.Passport Photograph– As a youth corpse, you wouldn’t like to be caught in the web of hurrying to make a passport photograph. it is rather advisable to  take a lot of passport photograph ,because it would be needed during the NYSC camp registration process.

4.File/Bag– Very essential for safe-keeping of document, clothing etc

5.White Shorts(Knickers)– Basically ,you would have to wear this all the time ,it is rather advisable to have about (3) to ( 4) white shorts for convenient purposes.

6.Underwear-Having multiple underwear ,could be very useful ,because of the usual early morning NYSC drills , and also for health reasons.

7.Stapler/Stapling pins-This is needed to enable proper documentation of document, because of uniformity.

8.Pen– For writing down information.

9.Permanent Marker– Permanent marker is needed to write your name on your properties, needed basically for property identification.

10.White socks-Basic NYSC wardrobe clothing material , to complete your dress code.

11.Bible– Depending on whether you are a Muslim or Christian. You would either need a Bible or Qur’an.

12.Dettol/Antiseptic– Basically for health reason , a Dettol  or Antiseptic would be needed because of the environment. Remember not all NYSC is not your homer and besides you are coming in contact with a lot of people.

13.Bucket-Mainly for fetching of water and washing of cloths.

14.Body cream & lotion-Basically for bathing purpose.

15.Mosquito Net– At night , the need for mosquito net is very important , because most of the NYSC camp are located in outskirts or busy areas of the state.

16.Towel– Basically for bathing purposes, at least (2) towels .

17.Slippers– For easy movement, you might not want to wear your sneakers all the time.

18.White Sneakers– Basically to complement the above (17), this is used for morning drills and other activities.

19.Beverages( Bournvita, Milk etc) – Beverages would 

20.Torchlight/Rechargeable light– To facilitate movement at night.

21.Waist Pouch/Bag– To keep money and other valuables.

22.Toilet paper– For toilet purposes.

23.Padlocks– As a youth corper in NYSC camp, it is always advisable to padlock your bag, so as to avoid theft.

24.Pegs/Clips– Basically for clipping of cloths ,when you wash.

25.Flask– Very essential for food consumption, and also when you buy food from the local market(mammie market) in the camp.

26.cloth hangers– For hanging of cloths.

27.Cutleries(plate, cup etc)– Basically for your personal use, wouldn’t be nice using other people’s utensils.

30.Smartphone– As a youth corpse, you would naturally want to relieve your experience during your NYSC camp period , having a smartphone to take pictures would really be fun and also chat or call loved ones.

31.Household drugs– Household drugs like paracetamol, antibiotics etc is very important since its kind of a change in environment.

32. Wrist watch– Time is of the very essence because , while in the NYSC camp there is actually time for every drill.

33.Power bank– The use of power bank might be needed, so as to maximize every opportunity you have when there is electricity or before lights out.

34.Home wear-Church wears , eta for church activities and other activities.

35.Face towel/Handkerchief-Most of the activities might be strenuous and as such ,you would need a face towel or handkerchief to clean of sweat.

36.Charger-Basically for phone charging , so as to always have your phone switched on, for personal use.

37.Novel/Books – The NYSC period is a time whereby you can actually pick up one or two new skill or develop a reading habit.

38.Nausea(Catarrh) relief drugs– Drugs that would relieve you of nausea are very important because , you are in an unfamiliar terrain and as such might develop some kind of nausea.

39.Bed, bed-sheets, blanket,  and pillow case-As a  youth corper , these item states are very important as you would need somewhere to lie on to rest after the data activity.

40.Extension/Fuse etc-This is needed basically for electrical purposes  and for use of electronic devices.

42.Jotter– This is meant for writing down things and also for taking notes.

43-Sanitary pads-This is basically for ladies, especially during their monthly flow.

44.Plaster/Band-In the case of any injury , or bruises, you would need this.

45.Food stuff-Apart from having beverages , you will need to eat other food item, and as such having a sizeable amount of rice grains, beans etc. is very important.

46.Hair Instruments-Hair instruments such as comb, brush, hair cream etc.

47.Detergent-Basically for washing of cloths , utensil etc.

        In conclusion, the NYSC period is a very interesting period in every graduates life, and as such it serves a means whereby individual abilities are built long- standing relationships are built. Its always advisable to use it as a means to build your network and also look for opportunities that could help in making a brighter future

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