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33 Traits To Find And Develop In a child

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A natural talent is having a gift, a capacity, a predisposition, an innate and remarkable aptitude in a particular field.

It’s doing with ease and excelling in what you do.

A talent can also be present in the artistic, technical, mental, physical, personal, and social fields.

Discovering one’s talents helps to find one’s way, one’s academic and professional orientation , to learn to to know.

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Have a strong taste for the arts in all its forms or in a particular style.

Having a sense of shades of color, being sensitive to what a work can bring out, people are said to be creative and that their creations are original.


Being able to remain yourself in all circumstances, being comfortable with who I am and what I represent, reflecting on your strengths and points of attention.

Do not accept an assignment that is beyond skill, nor below, stay true to yourself.


Be at the root of new ideas.


Being a machine for creating ideas, having an overflowing imagination, looking for unique, original, unexpected ideas.


Focusing on the present moment, wanting to take advantage of every moment and savor them at their fair value, not worrying about the future, tomorrow is another day.

Avoid unnecessary sources of stress.


To have a sensitivity for beautiful things, to have a sense of beauty, of color harmony, to find a harmonious balance in what is created.


Trusting your senses rather than your reasoning, feeling things without being able to explain them. Making decisions that sometimes are based solely on intuitions, “the truth imposes itself on me as if by magic”.


Being aware of one’s differences and one’s originality. In actions, seek to highlight its particularities to stand out.

To think that each being is unique and to respect each individual for what he is.


Loving something and going all out, having a strong emotion that allows you to get involved in the passion, not counting the time of effort and the time given to this passion.

10. THINKER: Like to

shut yourself up in your bubble for a few minutes and think about general and philosophical ideas. This moment of loneliness allows you to make unlikely connections that you wouldn’t make otherwise. Moments with thoughts give energy.


Go into thoughts following a word, a thought, a smell, a noise…

The imagination is overflowing during this period and the ideas and dreams turn out to be very creative.

The thoughts are linked without being able to trace the links that led to passing from thoughts to thoughts.


Be spontaneous, speak your mind, don’t pretend, prefer people who are authentic and natural, appreciate situations where I can be me.

13. VISIONARY: Projecting

yourself into the future, the present has already passed, like to think about what will follow in 5, 10, 15 years. Anticipation is important, the sense of intuition gives energy.

14. CLEAR:

Like things to be clear and predictable depending on the task that needs to be done and that is requested, preferring to conform to what is planned rather than acting with improvisation.


Set personal resolutions and strive to keep them. Set goals, get into action quickly and meet the deadlines you have set. Seeing yourself move forward and respecting commitments to yourself gives energy.


Being able to defend a cause that is close to your values.

To have the impression of serving something superior to oneself, which is beyond us.

Taking actions that are aligned with this cause energizes.


Enjoy carrying out decisions made by other people, doing what is expected of me with efficiency.


Loving to put oneself at the service of his values ​​and his sense of ethics, being ready to put all his energy so that they are recognized and respected. Surround yourself with people who share the same values, be ready to oppose people who do not respect them.

19. LOYAL:

Make it a point of honor to respect commitments, have a developed sense of honour.


Demonstrate unfailing composure, remain in control of your emotions, do not let yourself get carried away without having taken the time to breathe.

Like to weigh the pros and cons in a decision to be made, take the necessary time to step back to ensure a certain degree of control.


Carry out methodical work according to pre-established directives, ask questions in case of doubt to verify that what is done there corresponds to expectations.


Constantly looking for what can be improved, analyzing what works well and what doesn’t.

Focus on what can be corrected to do better next time.


Like to organize goals rationally on a timeline, know where you are going, when you want to do things.

Organizing my time is a priority for me.

24. RIGOROUS: Like

administrative or other tasks that require rigor, have a sense of detail.


Like things to be arranged, ordered or cut out in a rational way, the different elements of an organization form a coherent whole.


Being able to express oneself by clearly saying what one thinks, defending one’s opinions and one’s rights, positioning one’s ideas and the interlocutor knows what to expect.


Be at the origin of a project, be able to give life to your ideas, take pleasure in accomplishing a mission, delegate concrete actions to another person while keeping a right of inspection.


Give your all in what you have decided to undertake, do not count the hours of work and effort required to achieve the objectives.

Having trouble quitting, having difficulty taking a break, preferring to get back to work as quickly as possible.


Like to surpass oneself or surpass others, do everything to improve and reach the height or surpass myself if someone is better than me.

Loving ambitious goals that challenge you.


Like going straight to the point without taking detours, thinking about the fastest and easiest way to reach the goal.


Examine and research before validating an assertion or information.


Like being responsible for the material, financial or human resources of a project and managing it as a good father.

Being convinced that success depends on good management of available resources, achieving a balance in management, a win/win gives energy.


Take initiative easily. In a group, easily position yourself as the engine of the group.

People recognize in me my leadership skills, I have charisma, I speak easily.

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