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10 Reasons Why You Must Take Your Small Business Online

10 Reasons Why You Must Take Your Small Business Online

10 reasons why you must take your small business online Many businesses are the risk of crashing as Covid – 19 bites hard on the world’s economy.  These businesses are mainly businesses without an online presence. One thing we learnt from Covid – 19 pandemic is the ability to work remotely. Most businesses with online presence thrived, while those without online presence counted their losses. According to Markets Insider, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos increased his wealth by $5 billion since the beginning of the year. The same is about Eric Yuan, the founder of Zoom and Rocco Commisso, CEO of Mediacom cable.

Your business needs an online presence, whether a website, an e-commerce platform or a social media page. Trust me, there are many benefits to gain than loss. If your business is not yet online, you’re losing out great opportunities, clients and customers.

Hence, here are 10 reasons why you must take your small business online.


Easy for Potential Customers to Come to you: Today, information moves our world around. The first thing a customer does before buying a product or service is to go on Google or other search engines. They search for the product variety, the importance of the product, the price and reviews from other customers. Imagine if your product or service is not online, you have lost out on that potential customer. They may even be in your mortar and brick location and decide to go for your competitor, whose product has excellent customer reviews and credible online presence.



Showcase your Product and Services to your Customers: The internet is an excellent platform for business to showcase their products and services. Any online platform allows you to display your products or services to the world without necessarily erecting a structure. It could be images of products and services, positive reviews from clients and customers or Testimonials from happy clients and customers. You can create blogs to explain the importance of products or why your services are top niche. When customers read the valuable blog posts from you on a product or service, they will unconsciously try out your product or service.
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Cost Effective: One of the 10 reasons you should take your small business online is cost-effective. Setting up a website that places your business on a global platform is cost-effective compared to setting up physical locations in different parts of your country or the world. The staff needed in managing your online business presence is fewer, and this saves a few bucks for you.  Moreover, you can use some online tools like google ads or social media advert to determine the show your products or services to a particular demographic group.

Access to your clients demographics


Make it Easier to Market and Grow your Brand: Online or internet presence allows you to project your brand to a broad audience, thereby breaking distance barriers. Social media is an excellent marketing tool to promote and market your brand. Social media uses shareable tools to make an item on the internet go viral. Imagine what happens to your product or service when one of your posts goes viral? I see you get the point now, right? Some customers ignore businesses without an online presence. They see such businesses as old-fashioned. Businesses related to fashion, cosmetics, electronics and electrical gadgets leverage the versatility of social media and websites to promote their brands to millions of people online. What are you waiting for?


More comfortable to Build Unique Client Base: Use your social media platforms to draw clients and customers to your business. Through your landing page, you direct customers/clients to your website. You must include CTA (Call to Action) feature to your Social Media campaigns. Seek their permission to subscribe to your newsletter to get the latest offers, discounts, promotions or information about new products. If this is correctly done, you will have a database of your clients and customers. You can easily mail them to retain their royalty to your brand.


Create and Maintain Relationships with Customers and Potential Customers: You create and maintain excellent relationships with your customers and potential customers faster through your online presence. It is easier and cheaper to get customers’ feedback and review through an online feedback form. When you’re responsive on your social media platforms, your clients/customers feel treasured and want to continue doing business with you.


Make your business Accessible 24/hr all year round: Your business is always online 24/7 year in year out. The internet keeps your business available to your customers, even when you’re asleep. In addition, t is not convenient for small businesses to run their activities 24/7, because of the cost of maintaining and managing their staff. The internet gives you the leverage to take orders and attend to them the moment you are online. Hence, you aren’t losing out on any potential customer or customer.


Influence your Buyers Choices: Converting visitors to buyers is every business goal. This is one of the 10 reasons why you should take your small business online. Use Google Analytics to analyse and determine the behaviour of your customers or clients when they visit your website. Through these tools, you access your customers’/clients’ preferences or interests. They are beneficial tools that help you direct some products or services to a peculiar buyer through your email campaign, thereby influencing their decision. As a beginner, this may be complicated for you handle. Therefore, I advise you employ professionals on freelance platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.


Dominate your Huge Competitors tacitly: Having a great website with informative content can give you an edge over top competitors in your business. One of the algorithms search engines understand in ranking the website in search results is your content’s uniqueness. You can beat your competitors to their by ranking higher them in search results. Your customers/clients don’t know you’re a small business owner. This is because your business website projects you as a ‘big shot.’ Remember, perception is everything. The quality of a website and social media posts gives much credibility to your business. It puts your heavy height competitors off-balance.

Take your business to the global market

Take Your Business to the Global Market: Finally, one of the 10 reasons you should take your small business online is to make it global. The internet has turned the world into a tiny place. Your business is viewed from far away Africa, Asia or South America when you’re on a global platform. It means your business reaches more people than it does with only physical locations.

Do you want to expand your business and gain more customers or clients? Then it is time to move your business online, and leverage on these 10 reasons mentioned above. You can view the video below to create an explainer video for your social media campaign.

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